Put Another Banger on the BBQ!

BBQ’ing is fantastic – cooking outside, on fire, with great scenery all make a what could potentially be an average meal taste so much better.

These days BBQ’s can be sophisticated affairs – with temperature controls and gas powered. However you still can’t beat the taste of a steak cooked on a charcoal BBQ.

If you’re planning on having a BBQ when you come to stay at Yorkshire Holiday Parks here’s our top tips on how to cook successfully outdoors:

  • Use the right charcoal! Lumpwood charcoal is best – not only does it burn slower it adds flavour to your cooking. You can add woodchips to your BBQ if you want to add a particular smokey-ness to whatever you are cooking eg oak, cherrywood or applewood.
  • Be patient! Wait for the coals to be burning white hot before you start cooking. There really shouldn’t be any flames.
  • Use good quality utensils – everyone has had experience of chasing a sausage around a BBQ and then loosing it down the grill, or trying to flip a burger and failing to even release it from the BBQ. Decent tongs are a good start point, but we suggest having a pair of heavy duty oven gloves too!
  • Use good quality ingredients – making your own burgers is great, but not everyone wants to go to the hassle! We’re lucky that both our holiday parks are located near some really good farm shops – ask at reception if you want pointing in the right direction.
  • There’s more to a BBQ than meat – fish is a great addition, and veg – wow that can be amazing, BBQ’d Corn on the Cob should be mandatory! You can also pop courgettes and peppers on the barbie – slice and pop straight on the grill.
  • For pudding you can’t really beat bananas – wrap them in foil with some maple syrup and a little bit of icecream. Pop them on the BBQ for a couple of minutes (or less) and you have the perfect al fresco dessert.

Remember to clean up your BBQ after you’ve used it so that it is ready to go next time you want to cook outside, and it reduces the potential of attracting unwanted visitors to your site. If you are disposing of the coals on site, then obviously wait until they are cold before putting in a bin.

For your own safety do not BBQ in an awning or a tent.