2019 cycling World Championships – On yer bike!

Great news this week as the announcement came that the 2019 cycling world championships are to come to Yorkshire!

If you are a keen cyclist yourself or even just an avid spectator whom wants to experience what will be a truly festival atmosphere in Harrogate around the cycling event next year please do view our accommodations and book early!

  • Allerton Park is on the doorstep of Harrogate and offers a fantastic location for bike rides into the Dales.  After only 200mtrs on the A59 the keen cyclist can be on quiet open roads (old A1) and into many of Yorkshire’s market towns as quick as you can saying say “Lycra”!
  • Weir Park at the foot of the wolds offers perfect access into unspoilt country lanes, in fact we can probably get you from Weir to Bridlington on back roads without even seeing a car!
  • and finally Cawood park is designed for the more leisurely cyclist, set within the flat open country roads with the wonderful Lakeside cafe at the end of a relaxing ride!

We hope to see you soon!