Returning to your Static Caravan after Winter

Finally some sunshine! A great reminder that it’s not long until many of you will be re-opening your static caravans after winter.

It’s an exciting time – getting back to your retreat after the winter months away – looking forward to seeing friends from the Park, relaxing and enjoying time away from home.

Over the winter months it’s likely that your caravan or lodge will have been closed for a few months – on returning there are some checks that it might be worth doing to prolong the life of your holiday home, and minimize any repair bills.


We’d suggest having a good look round the exterior of your static caravan; it’s probably worth giving it a clean and emptying the guttering. Even just cleaning the windows can brighten up the interior significantly. Washing the windows also gives you a chance to inspect any seals for splits or cracks, and to lubricate hinges on the windows and doors.


Inside there’s all the obvious things to check – the gas, electric, water etc., we’d suggest bringing some spare bulbs with you on your first visit, and some batteries for your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm.

Having a good clean up – even if you cleaned when you closed down – is great for helping to spot potential problems. If cleaning isn’t your idea of the best way to spend your first weekend away, then get professional cleaners in; the luxury of being able to turn up to your holiday retreat and it be spick and span could be well worth the money!

Don’t forget to bring things to make your static caravan more homely: plants, photos and pictures; your favourite tea bags!

Returning to your static or lodge after a winter break should be a happy and relaxing experience. If you find that you have any problems once you get to site, then do let us know and we’ll try our best to help you.