What about when it rains?

We’ve had weeks of sunshine here in Yorkshire and it’s been lovely and warm – but both holiday parks have now benefitted from the recent showers. As much as we all moan about the rain it is great for the gardens and grounds around Weir Holiday Park and Allerton Holiday Park.

The rain can limit the enjoyment of your stay though, especially if you have children who like being outside. So, we’ve compiled our list of things to do with kids during the summer months if the British weather turns a little damp.

Puddle Jumping

There’s no reason to stay indoors! Make the weather part of the adventure – who can make the biggest splash, who can jump the highest, who can get the wettest. All the things we try to stop our kids doing! We’ve great facilities on site for washing and drying clothes.


Creature Hunting

As you know, we’re keen to encourage wildlife onto our holiday parks and often we focus on bees and birds. But some wildlife likes the rain. Slugs and snails are big fans of damp weather, so are worms. Challenge your children to see how many of these they can find in an area. Are they all the same type or are there some different ones? There’s a great sheet that help you identify different types:

Make Rain Art

Colouring books are very popular, but staying in the lines is restrictive! Allow your children the freedom to create some rain art. All you need is some paper plates, some food colouring and some rain. Splash the food colouring on to the plates and then allow the rain to fall on to the plate, move the plate around to create wild and wacky art. You could also create pieces of art using wet leaves, petals, twigs and grass.

Go Fishing

At Weir Holiday Park we have a private lake, fishing in wet weather can often improve the chances of a catch. Even if you don’t have a fishing licence, just going to the Lake (or the riverside) can be an adventure – see how many fish you can spot, what type they are and how big they are.

If being outside in the rain isn’t your idea of fun, then remember that all our holiday homes have wildlife colouring pages for children and you could play I-Spy from the comfort of your holiday home.

From both Weir Holiday Park and Allerton Holiday Park you can access many great tourist attractions that would be fun in wet weather too. A short drive or bus ride can transport you back in time (the Jorvik Viking Centre); or into a magical world (Stockeld Park or The Forbidden Corner).