National Picnic Week

This Friday (16th June) sees the start of National Picnic Week, and as I write this it seems this may be accompanied by a ‘heatwave’. Certainly that is the word being used by some national newspapers this morning!

Picnics of old bring back memories of tartan blankets and flasks, egg sandwiches, quiche – though in those days we called it flan – and if we were lucky homemade lemonade. They were always happy family occasions – in the countryside, or on a beach (which meant the added luxury of sand in everything!).

National Picnic Week aims to encourage people to get together over a picnic – it is something that you could do with your neighbours at the holiday park, or whilst you’re out with your family.

Our top picnicking tips are:

  • Be Spontaneous! Picnics are the ultimate in fun – too much planning can ruin the atmosphere, it’s all about just having a good time
  • Check the weather – and then dress appropriately. Ideally you’d want it to be Sunny but who says that rigging up a roof between some trees in the rain won’t be a good picnic venue too?
  • Get good food (and drink!). If you’re at Weir Holiday Park, we love Derwent Village Stores in Stamford Bridge, or The Balloon Tree just on the outskirts of the village. If you’re staying at Allerton Holiday Park then Fodder in Harrogate or Tancred Farm Shop at Whixley are both just a short drive away.
  • Take Games! Anything from a beach ball to a rounders kit; quoits or croquet
  • Leave the digital gadgets at home (except the camera). Live in the moment enjoy the atmosphere and simplicity of the picnic and forget everything else.
  • Don’t forget the plates, glasses and cutlery – there’s no reason to revert to “caveman” just because you’re eating outdoors. Finger food is great but for added sophistication then you do need an outdoor dining set.
  • Enjoy Yourself! Any time spent with family or friends is special.

Picnic in flower meadow

Let us know your favourite place to picnic whilst you holiday with us – or if you are a new guest and would like some suggestions call into Reception for a chat and we’ll share some of our favourite picnic locations with you.