Holiday More in 2018

As the year tripped from 2017 to 2018 everyone starts thinking about what the new year will bring, and where they are going to go on holiday. Whether you’re aspiring to buy a holiday home this year, or just looking get away in your tourer, the key to getting away lies in the planning – organising the family, taking time off work, or simply ensuring that your holiday doesn’t mean that you miss out on other commitments.

Here’s our top reasons to take more holiday park holidays in 2018:

  1. Regular holidays mean that we take a break from the everyday stresses in our lives, whether that’s work, chores or the treadmill of life. The change of environment can give us time to relax, refocus and energise.
  2. Having a break from work life or even home life (if you’re retired) can clear your mind to the point that you come up with your best ideas! Whether that’s a new project at work, or how to improve your garden. Freedom to think is a great reason to take a holiday!
  3. On holiday you are exposed to new environments, new cultures, to different ways of thinking. A holiday can be an education – visiting new places, museums or galleries can all expand your horizons and help you build knowledge. Staying at one of our holidays parks means that returning can allow you to visit other towns, cities or national parks.
  4. Enjoying your family – and making memories with them. In the consumerist society in which we live, it’s important to remember that it is experiences that we remember most. Spending time with your family, creating lasting memories with the grandkids, or with your partner – a great reason to go on holiday.
  5. Building relationships with new people – the beauty of staying on a holiday park is that you can interact with your “neighbours” as much or as little as you like. You might meet an interesting or extraordinary person that might become a great friendship.
  6. Staying on a holiday park in the UK can reduce your stress levels even more than an overseas holiday – no money to exchange, no passports to find, no flight delays or weighing of baggage. Simply get up and go!
  7. Having the freedom to return to an area that you’ve stayed in previously means that you know the good places to go; the bad places to avoid and you get the benefit of having time to find new places to go to too! Regular visitors to our holiday parks are never short of something new to do as there’s so much on the doorstep of each one, it’s impossible to do everything in a week!
  8. All our holiday parks are dog friendly! Being able to bring your dog on holiday means that you won’t spend your time fretting about them! Dogs are also great conversation starters – so you’ll be chatting to all sorts of folk before you know it.

Yorkshire Holiday Parks have parks at Stamford Bridge, near York; Allerton near Harrogate and Cawood near York. There’s more information about them at All welcome touring caravans and some have lodges or static caravan for hire.