Halloween Fun

If you’re staying on one of our parks over the Hallowe’en period then there’s plenty of fun to be had! Whilst Hallowe’en is actually on 31st October that’s a Tuesday so we suspect that some of you will make the weekend of 28th & 29th of October your Hallowe’en time.

If you’ve got children staying with you at that time then there’s plenty of spooky fun to be had.

York Maze reopens on 21st October for hallowe’en fun – including the haunted maze treasure hunt and the famous Hallowscream, a live-action scare event. For more information visit their website

York Dungeon has brought back the ever-popular Trick or Treat Hallowe’en Walking Tour to provide spooky fun for all the family whilst taking in York’s historical landmarks. There’ll be tales of ghastly ghosts, daring duels and harrowing highwayman. Tickets can be booked at

York’s Chocolate Story is also offering a walking tour – led by Count Fectionary around the ancient streets of York to reveal the horrible history of confectionary in the City. More info at

Stockeld Park is hosting a hallowe’en adventure in the enchanted forest and the adventure playground will be transformed with activities such as the Tangle Tree Climb, Woodsands Cove and Spider’s Lair! Tickets can be booked in advance at

Knaresborough Castle invites you to look around its creepy castle – where it will be alive with bats, spiders and ghouls. There’s plenty to keep all the family busy and the Creepy Castle event runs from 21st October to 28th October.

If you don’t fancy traveling but would like to get into the hallowe’en “spirit” then a bit of pumpkin carving is always good fun. Please remember to extinguish candles in your pumpkins before you leave or go to bed. The flesh from the pumpkin can make great soup – fantastic for warming up after going trick or treating.