Grab A Weekend Break

Now the children have gone back to school it might seem that all there is to look forward to is half-term. Yet it seems a shame to miss out on the colours of Autumn, the opportunity to re-charge yourself and your family whilst there is still some warmth in the air. A weekend break could be the perfect option.


Weir Holiday Park and Allerton Holiday Park both welcome those looking for a weekend break – arriving on a Friday and leaving on a Monday morning giving you a chance for a proper break – but without necessarily needing to either take the kids out of school, or take a day off work!


Taking a weekend break is more than just a luxury, it can help you focus and relax before the days become shorter and the weather becomes wintry.


Psychologists also believe taking mini-breaks is better for you as it allows for more happy memories than you would have by going away for an extended period. (


Our weekend break options are popular so if you’re looking to get away then we’d suggest booking early. There’s still plenty to see and do near our holiday parks – with Weir Holiday Park being well located either experiencing the great outdoors – the Wolds – or the buzz of the City of York. Allerton Holiday Park has easy access to the Yorkshire Dales and to Harrogate and York.