COVID-19 Situation (updated in red)

The law has changed as of 1st June 2020 to allow the sale of Holiday Homes to re-commence. Therefore you may contact us if you are interested in buying a Holiday Home on one of our Parks. If so we can arrange a COVID compliant, socially distant viewing for yourselves.

Following this slight change in the law we are still unable to allow Holiday Home owners back on our Parks. We are hoping that we may re-open on 4th July, but this is subject to government guidance.

We are so sorry to say that all our parks are currently closed, even with the relaxation in government advice from the 13th May we cannot allow you on Park to stay, visit or collect items from your caravan.

If we can help you in any way to check on anything or take essential items out of your caravan for collection at the Park gates we will do our best to do so. But please do not come to the Parks, even though we would love to see you.

We are following BH&HPA (our industry body) advice to keep you safe and operate within government guidelines.

Following government advice please be aware that due to the outspread of the COVID-19 virus we have closed all of our holiday parks effective from Sunday 22nd March.  Closures will remain in force until the government provides further advice.  At the moment none of us, government included, knows how long these closures will be in place and all that we can commit to do is to communicate with you as we hear from both government and our recognised industry body BHHPA.

We know that this news will be as equally upsetting to you as it is to us and we do thank-you for your ongoing support and understanding in these most difficult and unprecedented of times.

Prime Ministers Message 10th May

The way that we have interpreted Boris Johnsons’ message tonight is that we are to remain closed and that Hospitality business may be able to re-open in July. We are however awaiting clarification of this from our industry body the BH&HPA to ensure that we are consistent with industry guidelines.

In the mean time please find specific updates as below, which will be added to as we know more:

Static Caravan and Lodge owners

  • All of our owners should now have been contacted directly by a member of our family to keep you updated on the situation. If you have not, apologies this will be due to us not having the correct contact details or not being able to contact you by phone. Please feel free to contact the site office direct if we have not spoken to you individually.
  • Please be assured that at any time during the closures we will be maintaining a level of staff on site for both the security of your Holiday Home and maintenance of the grounds.
  • If you have any items in the fridge/freezer or food items that you wish to be removed from your caravan please do call the site office.
  • Whilst gas has been isolated electric supplies have been left on to ensure that your fridge/freezer keeps working
  • Specific for Cawood, we cannot top up your electric without your card, if you have freezer items in then please email us and we can enter your Holiday Home to top-up your card.
  • We will be ensuring that grass and grounds in and around your Holiday Home are maintained and kept tidy for your enjoyment upon your return.
  • If you have any plants that require watering then please let us know and we will do our best to keep going.
  • If you require any pictures or video of your Holiday Home in your absence please to email the office and we will do our best to assist you.


For any Holiday Home owner insured by ourselves under the Compass scheme the following has been arranged for your peace of mind:

  • An increase in the unoccupancy period for Compass-insured holiday caravan/lodge owners from 30 days to 60 days.
  • A commitment to keep the unoccupancy period under review, potentially extend it further if the Government’s lock-down continues.

Pitch Fees

  • We appreciate that some of you maybe concerned about Pitch fees for the period of time which you are unable to travel to and use your holiday home.
  • As I am sure that you appreciate we are unable to confirm any final position on this at the moment and none of us know how long the lock-down will continue for. What I will say is that whilst there is still a contractual commitment in place for pitch fees we will do our very best to be fair in any treatment of pitch fees.

Holiday Caravans, Lodges and Tree-Tops Apartment

  • We will be happy to take bookings for our Holiday Homes from the 4th July. Any deposit will be refunded or transferred if the Parks are unable to re-open at the date of your stay. Availability may be lower to allow for appropriate timescales between hand–overs.
  • For any holiday booked direct with one of our Parks do call or email the appropriate park to either defer your holiday or be provided with a refund in full.
  • For any holiday booked via Hoseasons you will have to make contact with them and any refund or amendment will be in line with their policies.  I’m afraid as a Hoseasons Partner we cannot amend their terms and conditions.

Further guidance for Hoseasons holidays is to be found on this link –

We are of course so sorry if you have to cancel and unable to re-book this year but we do hope that we will see you again in the future.

Touring and Camping

  • Please do call or email the appropriate park to either defer your holiday or be provided with a refund in full.
  • We will be happy to take bookings for tourers from the 4th July. Any deposit will be refunded or transferred if the Parks are unable to re-open at the date of your stay.
  • We do not foresee that we will be able to take camping bookings this season, due to the demand placed on our central toilet/shower facilities.

Cawood Bar, Mrs B’s Cafe and Swimming pool/lessons

  • Unfortunately all of these facilities will remain closed until government advice changes.

Finally we do hope that you are all safe and well and following government guidelines to protect yourselves and others.  We miss you all so much during these most difficult and unprecedented of times and hope that we can return do a degree of normality in the not to distant future.

Keep safe, Christine, Kevin, Sally Hind and the team