Buying a Static Caravan?

The decision to buy a static caravan, is not one to be taken lightly and owning a static caravan is a major lifestyle choice. Whilst it offers the “home from home” holiday experience and provides a relaxing space when it is time to take a break from daily life, the process of searching for, and purchasing, a static caravan can be a daunting one.

At Yorkshire Holiday Parks we have static caravans available to purchase on all our parks, but even choosing between our three parks (Allerton Holiday Park, Cawood Park and Weir Holiday Park) could be a big decision!

Lots of people say that owning a static caravan is a long-term lifestyle choice – it allows them to spend more quality time with their family, creates a lot of memories and allows for a more relaxed life.

Here at Yorkshire Holiday Parks we’ve thought about everything you should consider before making a purchase:

Park Location

  • Choose a park you love! It’s an obvious thing to say, your static caravan might be located there for 10 years or more so you really do need to fall in love with the park as much as the caravan.
  • Consider the distance from your home and think about this in relation to how you plan to use your static caravan. If you think you will be using your static every weekend then we’d say choose a park that is no more than 2 hours from your home. If you’re planning on longer stays then travel is less of an issue.
  • The park should also be situated in a location that is convenient for the type of attractions and facilities that you want to enjoy. For some that might be distance to the local town, for others distance to the countryside. All Yorkshire Holiday Park parks are located in quiet countryside settings with easy access to the hustle and bustle of York.

Choosing the right Park

  • Visiting the park in advance of buying a static caravan is essential – if possible hire a caravan on the park so that you are sure that you are making the right choice.
  • Meet the site team – you’ll see the site team on a regular basis so you’ll want to know that you can get on with them!
  • Choose a park that offers what you are looking for – eg peace and tranquility (such as at Weir Holiday Park); entertainment lounge and swimming pool (such as at Cawood Park); wildlife and dog friendly (such as Allerton Holiday Park).
  • Find out how long the park is open for – Weir Holiday Park is open from March to October; Allerton Park from February to December; and Cawood Park is open all year. Which would suit your holiday plans best?
  • Also ask how long you will be able to site your static caravan on the park. This varies from park to park, with some having 5 or 10 year limits – others are indefinite subject to maintenance and condition of your static caravan.

Running Costs

  • You’ll need to bear in mind that you will have additional costs after purchasing your static caravan and you should factor these into your budget.
  • Site Fees – these are effectively the rent you pay to have your plot at a holiday park. These vary hugely from park to park and you should discuss these with the site manager for every park you consider.
  • Gas and electricity – just like being at home, you will need to pay for your power consumption
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance costs – although these shouldn’t be huge you will need to maintain your static caravan.


  • This largely depends on personal preferences and budget – whether you are looking for luxury or basic, preloved or new.
  • It is our suggestion that if you think that you will be using your static caravan for extended periods of time that you pay attention to the kitchen and living area facilities as these will be used more than if you were a weekending owner.
  • It is also important to think about how much room you will need – is there two of you? Four of you or six of you? Will everyone be coming away every time you use the static. This will influence your choice over what size static caravan to get.

If you would like to chat with us about buying a static caravan then do just pick up the phone. We have static caravans available on all our holiday parks so do keep an eye on our for sale pages.