Holiday Home buyers Guide from Yorkshire Holiday Parks

Yorkshire Holiday Homes – Buyers Guide


Buying a holiday caravan or lodge from Yorkshire Holiday Parks might just be the best decision you ever made.  It can be your ‘happy place’, a bolthole to which to escape to take holidays in a beautiful part of the world.

If you are thinking of joining us, here are the answers to some  of the questions you may already be asking – and others you might be glad we mentioned!


When can I use my holiday home?

We are open from 1st February to 4th January.

Whenever you come to see us, you must be taking a holiday.  You cannot live in your holiday caravan.


What influences the cost of a holiday caravan?

Prices for a holiday caravan or holiday lodge vary up and down the country and, conventional properties, location is a key factor influencing the cost, together with the range of facilities offered by the park.  The price will then also reflect the holiday caravan or holiday lodge which you choose.


What is included in the price?

Our price will always include all of the carpets, furnishings, kitchen appliances (where fitted) and other basic equipment.  There may be options such as double glazing, upgraded central heating, decking or sundecks and verandas to consider.  We will give you our price in writing to ensure that there are no surprises later.


What else do I budget for?

Were a unit is currently sited there are no further charges for siting, transporting from the factory or ‘commissioning’.  These charges may apply should a new unit be ordered.

Other costs to consider will be the annual pitch fee (what you pay for your right to occupy your pitch on the park), utilities such as water, gas and electricity, plus rates and insurance for your holiday caravan.  Again, we will tell you about all these in writing to ensure that there are no surprises later.


Will I be asked to sign a contract?

As part of our agreement with you to stay on our parks then a valid contract must be in place.  It is in your own interests to ensure that you sign a written contract (known as a “Licence Agreement”).  You should also consider our Park Rules, which are binding on all of our customers.

We will be happy to provide you with copies of our Licence Agreement and Park Rules.  If you buy from us, we will meet with you to explain them.  We want our customers to be happy that what we offer works for them.

What happens if I decide to sell?

You can sell the holiday caravan on the park with our agreement and the buyer will have the benefit of the remaining Licence Agreement term.  You may move the holiday caravan off the park.

If you sell on the park you must pay us a commission, as specified in the Licence Agreement.

Or we may provide you with a price to purchase the caravan directly from you.


Can I live in my holiday caravan?

You can us your holiday caravan or lodge for short breaks and longer holidays, and some retired people spend many of the summer months in their holiday caravan.  But it cannot be used as your main residence.

If you lived in your holiday caravan it would be in breach of our planning and site licence, and you would have none of the protection in law provided to occupiers of residential parks.

We ask all our customers for proof (at the point of sales and on an annual basis) that they have a genuine permanent home address elsewhere.  A ‘paper’ address is not enough; you must really live there.

We are required to ensure holiday caravans are for holiday use only so, for example our customers should not work locally or enrol children into local schools.  They should be registered to vote at their main place of residence too.

This important holiday requirement is included in our Licence Agreement, which would be your contract with us, and must be respected.  If you broke this contract term, you would be asked to stop doing so.  If you were to fail to comply, we would be entitled to terminate the contract and ask you to remove your holiday caravan.  The planning authority might also take action against you for breach of the holiday rule.


What happens if my circumstances change?

Our contract does not allow your holiday caravan to be used as a main residence, even on a temporary basis.